A 'Brand' New Name in motorsports, TV/Film, music videos, brand licensing


STORMGIRLl® covers a wide audience in both the world of motorsports and also in the world of films and comic books.   She offers class and style and exhibits excellent driving skills.  "Behind this Superheroine is a Super Car". 


For appearances, call on Stormgirl to provide you with unique presence to show off the best in super cars, hospitality events and shows.  Promoting your event  in a way that's unlike any other.  


Stormgirl brand offers marketing, product placement and PR potential.  For example:-


Stormgirl Branding (advertise your company on Stormgirl's sportscar)

Luxury events and hospitality

Stormgirl promotes against car crime, as well as other forms of car safety and awareness.

Promotional Appearances at Events (Stormgirl provides superheroine 'drifting' action)

Client endorsing for Car shows & Events

Stormgirl Track Days

Viral Marketing

Game software, including phone Apps

Branded Networking & blogging


Stormgirl as a Comic book and television /film character


Stormgirl character visuals represent the comic book aspect and creates a whole new world of the superheroine racer,   Merchandise, clothing, including, t-shirts, sweatshirts baseball caps (coming soon!)


Film/TV Teaser trailer in pre-production  - see 'News' for details


Stormgirl teaser trailer is currently in pre-production.  The script/treatment has been written by Richard Perry of Perry Pictures Ltd, with full backing from a top film and production crew.  To request a request brochure and treatment/synopis, go to contacts page.


Stormgirl Graphic Novel    - see 'Events' for Comic Convention


Place your product in Stormgirl's teaser trailer and reach a wide audience of motorsport fans and comic book followers.


If you are inspired to use the Stormgirl brand in another way, then please contact us to tell us about your idea and email a brief synopsis of your proposal , and we will endeavour to get back to you lightening fast!


All enquiries email: [email protected]


STORMGIRL® is a registered Trademark of Fior  Avona


"There's a Superhero within us  all -  Any challenge in life is there to make you stronger"

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